Adjusting the length of production music for your requirements

For different uses of production of music, a different length of sound is needed. For commercial advertising, the de facto standard is 15 and 30 seconds, YouTube videos can be 1 to 15 minutes. Offering on our website production of music, we transfer non-exclusive rights to the entire song, which can last 3-15 minutes, leaving the customer the choice of the length of the video. That is, the customer can make from one of our tracks - several rollers of different length.

Not all bloggers work well enough in sound editors to professionally and quality cut duration of our production music for the required length, so we additionally offered such a service.

To use this service, you need to write in the order comments about the desire to receive in addition to the full version of the track, also versions of a certain length, specify the duration of the videos. The service is chargeable and the price will be adjusted during the correspondence process.