Production music in high quality sound

Our service, the only one in the world, offers production music in the highest quality sound in 24 bit. We offer sound in such formats as FLAC 96 kHz 24 bits, WAV 192 kHz 24 bits, DSD (DSF, DFF) 2.8mhz, DSD (DSF, DFF) 5.6mhz . This service became possible due to the fact that we are the exclusive owners of our libraries and possess studio master tapes of our records and high-quality digital copies of tracks.

As the analysis of sites selling the production library showed, in most stores only mp3 formats with a bitrate of 320 kbps are available and at best WAV in CD-quality - 44.1 kHz 16 bits. But for modern production needs of this quality is not enough. Even if you plan to release the final release of a movie or soundtrack in CD-quality or Dolby Digital, it is still preferable for information and mastering to be 24-bit format. This will give a certain reserve in the sound at mixing and will allow to receive more qualitative sounding in the end.

This option of our service is experimental, so we will execute orders as requests. All tracks presented on this site can be presented to you in any of the formats: WAV 44.1khz 24bit, WAV 48khz 24bit, WAV 96khz 24bit, WAV 192khz 24 bit, DSD (DSF, DFF) 2.8mhz, DSD (DSF, DFF ) 5.6mhz . To reduce the volume of a file, sound can be packed into lossless formats FLAC (24bit-192khz or 24bit-96khz) or APE (24bit-192khz or 24bit-96khz). We send archived WAV-files in the format RAR (showed a good degree of compression without loss).

Download demo WAV 96 khz 24 bit Download demo WAV 192 khz 24 bit

Download demo DFF 2.8 mhz Download demo DSF 5.6 mhz

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